10 secrets of the perfect DIY manicure

1. Foot veils 

Extremely popular in Asia, sole-smoothing foot veils keep unattractive, flaky skin under control, abandoning you with spa-level results without the heavy bill. Attempt: Feet Treat Pedi by Look Beauty Intensive Moisturizing Foot Mask, $10 

2. Seal the tips of nails 

Broaden the life of your nail treatment and avoid chipping by wrapping your shine (and basecoats and topcoats) around the edge of your nail. "Fixing the tips of your nails keeps water and oil from breaking the bond between your nail plate and the shine," says master manicurist Wendy Rorong. 

3. Restore nails with Formula X Sheer Strength Sheer Nail Color in Powerful 

Invigorated with quality building keratin, brilliant bamboo to security and seal, licorice concentrate to light up and safflower seed oil to hydrate, this softly shaded treatment is really enough to wear all alone while it attempts to restore the wellbeing of your nails. Attempt: Formula X Sheer Strength Sheer Nail Color in Powerful, $16 

4. UV cure 

UV-curing shines and basecoats and topcoats have increased significant prominence on the grounds that they serve up gel-like long wear and strength with zero extraordinary hardware needed. "Characteristic or fake light bonds the nail shine polymers to your nail, making it more grounded and more safe," says Rorong. "The curing activity likewise accelerates the drying procedure, helping you dodge scratches and scrapes." 

5. Begin with your predominant hand 

"In case you're a beginner DIYer, begin with painting your overwhelming hand initially, which will really guarantee you get a less precarious begin. Hold the brush in an agreeable position and attempt to keep your hand loose." 

6. Buff nails with Micro Nail 

This quick acting, battery-worked support accompanies two rollers: one to smooth edges and evacuate stains and another to buff nails to a high, normal sparkle. Use it as a snappy fix for unmanicured nails or to prepare your digits for a smooth shine application. Attempt: Micro Nail, $60 

7. Draw near 

The way to getting a salonworthy completion is to get as no holds barred with your digits as would be prudent, says Rorong. "Continuously lay your hand level and near to your face with the goal that you can zoom in, and make sure to abstain from touching your fingernail skin or nail dividers while painting." For best results, take a stab at laying your hand on a heap of books or magazines while sitting at your work area or eating table. 

8. Utilize a topcoat like Sally Hansen 3D Gel Shine Top Coat 

This completing touch topcoat has it all: long wear, plumping surface and ultra-gleaming sparkle. In addition, it'll cover any scratches or not as much as immaculate applications, so your tips look straight from the salon, paying little mind to your depiction aptitudes. Attempt: Sally Hansen 3D Gel Shine Top Coat, $15 

9. Begin in the center 

As opposed to attempting to relentlessly put your brush comfortable base of your nail without painting outside the lines, begin by putting a drop of nail clean amidst your nail. "Painstakingly push the shine toward your fingernail skin without touching it and afterward pull the brush toward your nail tip." 

10. Fast dry to avoid smircesh 

Dry newly cleaned fingers and toes in 60 seconds (not exactly the time it takes to discover your keys) with moment dry drops. Attempt: Nicole by OPI Drying Drops, $11